dabeat recommends tuning your drums after the following guidelines. PDF is found here. Watch the instruction video below.

All dabeat drums are tuned at our workshop in Ghana before they are sent to Denmark. After they have arrived in Denmark the drums are tuned again before they leave the workshop. This allows the wood and skin to acclimatize to Danish conditions, such as differences in temperature and humidity, before the drums are put on display in the shops.


Tuning and sound are closely connected and it is very much a matter of individual preference and taste. There is no specific “correct way” for the drums to sound. It all depends on the person playing it.

Skin and rope

Tuning and weaving can create “Wrinkles” in the skin, especially on older skins. This does not necessarily affect the sonic properties of the drum.

Note! Extreme tightening and tuning can cause the skin to crack. Therefore it is recommended that you continuously check the drum as you tune it.
dabeat is not responsible for damages caused by tuning.

At dabeat we tune our drums in the traditional manner. This allows the owner of the drum to either weave the drum anew, or to continue to tune the drum in the traditional manner. All dabeat drums come with enough rope for at least one complete weave around the drum. The rope is loosely fitted around the drum and is easy to loosen.
When choosing a weave you can add more rope if necessary. The extra rope does not have to be the same as the original one.