Product care

Using the drum

Dabeat drums are hand drums, meaning they are made to be played with the hands. Dabeat recommends that finger rings, wrist watches, armbands and similar items are removed before playing the drums. We don’t recommend playing them with drumsticks, as this can damage or even rupture the skin. It is possible to use brushes or felt mallets.

Storage and transport of the drum

  • Don’t place objects on the drum or the drum skin, even if the skin cover is on.
  • Don’t sit on the drum
  • Don’t place the drum next to open fires, furnaces heaters or expose it to freezing temperatures for extended periods.
  • Cover the skin with the skin cover when the drum is not in use.
  • When transporting the drum it is important that it is not squeezed in. avoid unnecessary pressure on the skin.

Maintaining the skin

The low humidity of Northern Europe can sometimes cause the skins to become dry. To avoid this, play the drum as much as possible. The more you play the drum, the better it is for the skin because of the moisture that is transferred from your hands to the skin.
You can also treat the skin with Shea Butter Natural or similar products that do not contain chemicals or perfume.

In time the skins can develop “wrinkles”, meaning small indentations in the surface. This can happen naturally as the skin ages. This does not necessarily mean that the skin is about to crack.

“Wrinkles” can also occur if the tuning of the skin is too high or too low. Read more about tuning the drum here.


dabeat drums are crafted in Ghana, West Africa and are serviced at our workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here we provide a variety of services, such as changing of skin or rope, treating the cylinder and engraving personal names or logos. For our services you can contact dabeat here.