Mini Djembe

The dabeat drums are characterized by their high quality and excellent craftsmanship and the Mini-djembe is no exception!

It operates mainly in the higher frequencies, and can create sounds reminiscent of the djembe, bongo and darbuka. Its versatility makes it usable in a wide variety of musical contexts.

The mini-djembe is the ultimate drum for children. The warm and soft sound of the mini-djembe and its playful looks and small size, makes it an inviting introduction to the world of music for children of all ages. As with all of the dabeat drums, only materials are of the highest quality are used in manufacturing the mini djembe.


Mini djembe: Diameter 19 cm ( 7,5’), Height 35,5 cm (14’).

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The drum is mounted with a handle for carrying.


Personalize your drum.
As an added service dabeat offers engraving of names or logos. Contact dabeat for more information.