The main components are wood and skin, both of which are organic materials. With correct use and storage, these materials will maintain their original properties.


The strength of ash, but the weight of balsa wood: dabeat has carefully chosen the West African odum tree for its drums.
The odum wood is harvested in eastern Ghana. It is a soft wood often used for hand made figurines and sculptures. The softness of the wood is essential for creating the warm, clear sound that characterizes the drums from dabeat.

At dabeat, all the raw cylinders are treated according to Danish carpentry traditions. The raw cylinders go through a thorough process of drying and maturing over 6 months, before they are shaped and processed. This ensures that the wood is as strong and light as possible and it gives the drum the best possible sound.
The drying process and the treatment of the raw cylinders also means that the finished drum will not warp or crack. All of our drums are treated with lacquer on the inside and wax on the outside

As the humidity in western Africa is very different from Northern Europe, it is possible that the drums will react to this difference after they have arrived in Europe. Therefore the finished drums are stored for a minimum of 6 more months, to ensure that any reactions have happened before the drums are put on sale in the shops.

The skin

All of the dabeat drums are mounted with goatskin. The skins of West African goats are well known for their durability, due to their harsh living conditions.
The skins are hand picked to ensure the perfect thickness for each type of drum. This ensures optimal sound and playability. The skins cover both the rings and the rope, making the drums comfortable to play for newcomers and professionals alike.
At dabeat we use skins approved for exports by the Veterinarian Services Department of Ghana.

Quality control

All of our drums are continuously tested throughout the production process. It is only when all of our demands are met that we brand the drum with our dabeat logo. Because of this, only about 90 out of a batch of about 115 finished, hand made drums are branded. Since 2008 (3. generation) all of the dabeat drums carry a serial number.