The djembe is originally from Western Africa. Today the djembe is the most widespread African drum and it is being used in nearly all genres of music.

The djembe is one of the most powerful African drums, and because of its very characteristic cup shape, it has a wide frequency range, from highs to lows with a unique, full sound.

At dabeat we make the cylinders as thin as the wood allows. This makes our djembes as light as possible, and it allows for an optimal transfer of vibrations from the skin to the cylinder. Our drums all are made from a single, massive piece of wood, making them extremely durable – even though the cylinders are quite thin.
Our cylinders have a louder and fuller sound than other djembes.

The djembe from dabeat is made with great respect for the traditional art of drum building, and the experience that has been handed down through generations of Ghanaian craftsmen.


Size: Diameter 32 cm (12,5’), Height 63,5 cm (25’).

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The drum is mounted with a handle for carrying. It comes with a bag, a shoulder strap and a skin cover.
See the shoulder strap mounting instruction video by clicking here


Personalize your drum.
As an added service dabeat offers engraving of names or logos. Contact dabeat for more information.