DaDrum is an excellent choice if you want to explore new possibilities within percussion.
DaDrum is a unique instrument and the drum opens up a world of new potentials. With its rich sound, Dadrum offers a wide spectrum of sonic possibilities.

DaDrum is developed and designed by Danish drummer and percussionist Frederik Leo, in collaboration with Ghanaian drum builder Christian Kwame.


DaDrum works very well in band contexts, and it is being used in pretty much every genre you can think of, from classical to rock. DaDrum is also the ultimate solo drum. DaDrum packs a powerful midrange punch, creating unique dimensions in the sound mix. By combining its powerful volume with distinct sounds, an optimal balance between highs and lows is created.

The warm and powerful soundscapes of DaDrum creates a wide range of possibilities. Its sound contains both the power of the djembe, while also creating sounds reminiscent of the bongo, the congo and the Arabian darbuka.
“Like a tumba has a conga” DaDrum also works well as a supplement to the traditional djembe.


The shape of the drum and its thin cylinder gives it a lot of volume, and a warm, full sound that is clear and present in both the low, mid and high frequencies. The height is the same as that of the djembe while the diameter is smaller.

Size: Diameter 25,5 cm (10’), Height 63,5 cm (25’).

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The drum is mounted with a handle for carrying. It comes with a bag, a shoulder strap and a skin cover.
See the shoulder strap mounting instruction video by clicking here


Personalize your drum.
As an added service dabeat offers engraving of names or logos. Contact dabeat for more information.