Here are a few testimonials from people using dabeat products:

DaDrum is really a very unique drum; it has so many different tunes together with a very warm, STRONG and powerful sound.

The sound, the beautiful design and the light weight of DaDrum compared with other drums I use are just amazing. I have never seen or heard anything like this drum before.

Sound wise combining DaDrum with a drum kit it is just beautiful because of the shape and 10 face size. The warm bass sound cuts through and the high tunes are just perfect.
Using the sides can make it sound like a snare drum with an extra edge and special pitch. All combined it gives the rhythm section a new improved and varied dimension of sounds.
If you for instance play reggae music it is VERY unique – the most unique percussion drum you can use in reggae, because it has Both the deep, the high and the side tunes – and also the mute – it has got everything.
I use DaDrum in all genres from Afro/reggae/Hip hop to Pop/Rock and Big Bands in the studio and live.

What can I say - The thought and quality behind dabeat drums are unique in every way which is really important in my work as a musician/percussionist.

Ayi Solomon (GH) - Percussionist and composer

I love DaDrum. I really enjoy playing it. It gives me a nice variation of highs and mids. It is also very humble in appearance but sounds powerful. 

I love using it on Soobax, because the sound from DaDrum pierces through all of the 808’s. And when I use it in the parts of a snare, the snap is just perfect.

Basically I am very happy with DaDrum, it is one of my favourites.

K’NAAN - The Dusty Foot Philosopher

As a music therapist and music teacher in special education I use DaDrum as one of my primary instruments. In accompanying piano, voice and guitar when playing well-known songs or joining in a musical improvisation.

Using music as a therapeutic tool requires high quality musical instruments. When choosing hand drums, DaDrum is my first choice.

Working with DaDrum gives me a variety of possibilities: the rich sound of the bass gives me and my clients a fulfilling way of working with aspects of grounding. The vibrations ofDaDrum also gives me the opportunity of using the low frequency sound waves therapeutically.

In my experience the beautiful timbre of DaDrum keeps motivating my clients to express themselves musically. In reaching this goal, we have already come a long way!

When travelling from one work place to another, weight becomes an issue. DaDrum is light weight without compromising the sound quality, which makes it easy to bring when travelling to and from schools, hospitals, therapy clinics etc.

The amazing sound of DaDrum makes it a first class hand made African drum. My choice in musical instruments for music therapy. Absolutely!

Miriam Karpantschof - Music Therapist (Master of Arts)

DaBeat = Amazing quality AND sound! Great craftsmanship. Love it.

Alicia Warrington (US) - Drummer

My new DaDrum have given me a new dimension of sounds that I didn't have before.

The sound is high. It is low. It is warm. I Love it!

Birger Sülsbrück (DK) - Percussionist, bandleader and author