About dabeat


The basic idea behind dabeat [Danish African Beat] is to manufacture hand made drums of the highest quality. By combining the West African art of drum building with Danish traditions in furniture carpentry, we create unique hand made drums. Dabeat is based on traditional values such as solidarity and quality trade, when it comes to prices, wages as well as quality.

The story

In 1997 Danish drummer and percussionist Frederik Leo was studying the Ghanaian culture of drumming and music at the University of Ghana. During his stay, Frederik Leo decided that he wanted to learn how to build drums. He contacted a number of professional drum builders, and through his network, he met the original and innovative drum builder Christian Kwame. Together they produced a number of hand made drums for Frederik Leo’s personal use.

From 1997 to 2003, Frederik Leo experimented with these drum in several musical constellations. During this time the quality of the drums was tested and the desire to develop them further arose.

In 2003 Frederik Leo returned to Ghana and began his further collaboration with Christian Kwame. This collaboration marked the beginning of dabeat and it gave Christian Kwame the opportunity to invest in his own tools and workshop, making him an independent drum builder.

In 2005 dabeat produced the first batch of drums. All of the dabeat drums today are being crafted by Christian Kwame in his workshop.